Term and Conditions, Payment Policy, Service & Product Policy.

1- The client is required to read thoroughly and understand the term and conditions ,policies, procedures, code of ethics of the company as given below and from the website named “www.rrbazaar.com".

2- This application/agreement is considered as an authentic and legally binding document. This contract is between the applicant (herein after referred to as distributor) and RR Bazaar (here in after referred to as company).

3- If the client agrees to adhere to and abide by the conditions mentioned hereunder and, in the website, named www.rrbazaar.com, he/she shall become a client on payment of the prescribed package fee to the company.

4- We will take time to complete your project as per discussion start from the first payment date.

5- If you are agree then you will have to pay 40% of payment in advance and 30% of payment after completion half time of the total project duration.

6- Afterward full payment has to be paid on completion of the project.

7- Your project will be completed in accordance with demos and quotations, as it has been done before starting our project, If any emergency, our employees will take leave and if there any other cases arise like server issues, so you will have to adjust some extra working days.

8- We cant promise to give any work of modification on a fixed date. Only promise to finish as soon as possible. Because the entire code of that project is developed by another developer, Because of which we have to face many problems in working on it.

9- If there is a project made by us, then we know max to max thing about it. Therefore, we can give the surity of how much time it will take to complete the task. but we will do work hard and deliver your task as soon as possible.

10- If there any cases arise like payment issues from your side, unprofessional behaviors and miss communication etc. in that case we will not take any responsibility after that day.

11- All the payments made by customer is not refundable in any circumstances except work has not begain. If at any time after starting the project, you stop work on the project for any reason then it will not be our responsibility and the advance money given by you will not be refundable.

12- Your project will be completed in accordance with demos and quotations, as it has been done before starting our project.

13- And if the work is over 40% done, then you cannot stop the work, and if you stop the work even then, you will have to give us all the decided payment of the project, because you cannot withdraw from it. It has taken both our hard work and time.

14- If you want some extra work, then you will have to pay a separate payment for extra service and extra module function.

15- After the completion of the work, we will deliver the project. After that, whenever update any additional work, it will also be decided by charging it separately at that time.

16- The company has not authorized any official, officer or distributor of the company to receive any amount in cash on behalf of the company towards the distributorship or service fee, or cost of any product as the case may be.

17- If anybody makes any payment in cash, it will be at his/her own risk and under no circumstance, will the company be answerable to such unauthorized cash payment.

18- We deliver only software product or website product or any other products and service, not his source code or C panel.

19- All source code is the property of our company and its not transferable, Now even after this if you need backup of source code and project code then our some conditions are as follows,
1st :- If you want the source code or C panel of the products made by us, we will charge you four times the final cost of that product according to the number of features and modules we have developed in our products at that time.
2nd :- And on the day when we give you source code or C-panel handover of the product, we will not take any responsibility after that day & time.
3rd :- We can give this source code with the promise that you will use the source code or product backup given by us, hosted only by your inhouse developer or coder or do any further modification work in the projects by them only, Will get it done.
4th :- neither You will not give our source code to any other IT company or any software business group that is, was doing, or will do in future to market our business concept or product nature, You have to take responsibility for this.
5th :- Because from this source code those IT company or group in the market can harm our clientele and product value by using our product and source code, and they can also harm our old customer's running projects after knowing our coding structure which may pose a threat to the privacy of all our other clients.
6th :- If we find this, we can take legal action against you.

20- We are just IT service Provider so, in future if you and your business found doing or involve in any type of illegal activities, then there will be no responsibility of our’s in that case.

21- Misuse or misrepresenting of the services are inviting the strict legal consequences and if any raised, generally taken jurisdiction under the Lucknow Judiciary or as per Law.